Aside from changing batteries, the actual smoke detector has a life span of about 7 to 10 years. If your detectors are original to your home, they are about 18 years old and need to be replaced. The color of new detectors is creamy white.  If your detectors are a dirty yellow color, they are probably too old.

If you don’t want to change batteries twice a year, you can buy 10-year lithium battery detectors. But do not put a 10-year lithium battery in an old detector.   Detectors are sold at Lowe’s, Home Depot or on Amazon. You can get a combo Smoke / Carbon Monoxide detector.  You only need one combo on each floor so one is enough for Stonebrooke homes.  There are a total of 5 detectors in Stonebrooke homes which is the number required by code.  The Board suggests 1 combo and four 10-year lithium battery detectors.  Safety Village recommends Kidde or First Alert.

The Cobb Co. Safety Village will install them for you. They will also replace batteries but recommend that you update to 10-year lithium battery detectors.  Appointments are filling up fast so make your arrangements soon through

If your detectors have been replaced, but you are not sure how long ago, you will need to send pictures of your current units to Safety Village for advice on what to do. The contact info for Cobb Co. Safety Village is Ellen Summers.  Office: 770-852-3275 or Cell: 404-202-9314 or email