Stonebrooke Village


Building Maintenance
Clubhouse: Barbara Teague / Nancy Kiltie
Library: Liz McGuire
Clubhouse Rental:  Eileen Juliano
Gym:  Nancy Boccella
Pool:  Barb Teague
Exterior Maintenance: Ron Hidden, Ron Shoemaker, Nancy Kiltie
Fire Ant Control:  Roy Teague

Barb Teague, Chair
Calling Tree: Barb Addicks
Newsletter: Alice Kuzniak
Meet Your Neighbor: Barb Addicks
Residents List: Kit Willingham
Email List / Announcements: Marlene Jay
Scrapbook: Liz McGuire
Sunshine: Barb Teague
Newcomers: Barb Addicks / Ann Jones
Website: Bill Fisher, Alice Kuzniak

Covenants and Rules
Patsy Bowman
Dawn Davis
Marlene Jay

Grounds Maintenance
Ron Hidden, Chair
Bill Fisher
Nancy Kiltie
Roy Teague

Safety and Security
Alice Kuzniak, Chair
Beverly Clark
Jacki Dacus
Paula Donnelly
Melba Hentges
Bob Kuzniak

Social and Recreation
Carolyn Douglass, Chair
Melba Hentges
Nancy Kiltie
Pat Pittman
Joanne Shaw
Gloria Shoemaker
Shirley Tuttle


Stonebrooke Village HOA Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting for 2021 was canceled for COVID reasons but we have scheduled an open meeting prior to the next board meeting on September 21st at 3:30 PM in the clubhouse. This opportunity will be for all owners who wish to ask questions and or make suggestions to the board.

Our next annual meeting for 2022 will be announced and posted in the future.