Stonebrooke Village


Gas Stoves

Residents may put in a gas stove, but the work must be done by a licensed plumber.


Recycling is not provided for as part of trash pickup and therefore not included in the HOA dues.

Options for recycling:

  • 4220-4230 Industrial Center Lane NW, Acworth … it’s outdoors so no set hours.  They have single stream bins for aluminum cans, paper (including cardboard), and plastic.  They do not take glass.  Bins are emptied around lunch time Tuesdays so have lots of room Tuesday afternoons.
  • WestRock Recycling … 1775 County Services Pkwy. Marietta.  It’s open M-F 7AM – 5PM, Sat 9AM – 4PM, Sunday closed.  The facility is nice and newly organized and paved.
  • Publix at the corner of Stilesboro Rd and Mars Hill Rd has drop boxes in front for several categories and is very convenient.

Insurance Recommendations For Condos

The Board periodically sends out recommendations for your condo personal insurance coverage. Some items that the Board recommends are not standard in a condo policy and the Board wants you to be aware of why they are recommended. Check the Stonebrooke Insurance Recommendations document to see why Improvement & Betterment coverage and Loss Assessment coverage should be added to your standard condo owner’s policy which normally contains only the building, the contents, liability coverage, and loss of use.

Bag Pool Area Trash

Bag All Pool Area Trash.  Anyone using the pool or clubhouse, please do not throw any loose paper, cans, etc. in the trash can in the pool area.  The garbage service requires all trash to be bagged before disposal.

Guest Parking

If you have several people visiting, please be considerate of your neighbors and ask your guests to park in the guest parking areas near the clubhouse.  If mobility is an issue, leave most cars by the clubhouse and bring anyone with mobility issues to your home in a single car.  Please have only two cars parked in front of your garage.

Outdoor Condo Insurance

Proof Of Condo Outside Building Insurance: The outside condo insurance policy has been renewed.  If you have a mortgage on your unit, you can request your certificate of insurance on your unit via the website or contact our agent, Allen Lewis at 404-245-7208.

Pick Up After Your Dog

If you have a dog, a plastic grocery bag makes an inexpensive, easy to carry pooper-scooper.  Just put the bag over the poop and maneuver it into the bag.  If you want something more professional, there are small scoops to carry or ones that you can use without even bending down.  There are also rolls of bags that attach to a leash.  PetSmart, Target, and Walmart have a variety.

Village Information

Garbage pick-up is on Wednesday morning, usually around 8:30 AM.  Garbage cans can be put at the curb as early as 5:00 PM on Tuesday and must be brought in before 9:00 PM on Wednesday.  Get your garbage can from Custom Disposal at 770-977-2788.  See top of can for holiday pick-up schedule.

Landscape is maintained by a professional team each Monday or Tuesday.  Yards are mowed, edged, and blown.  Shrubs are trimmed as needed.  As a reminder: additional plantings are not permitted except in the area around the sunroom.  Those plantings must not be taller than the window sill.

Mail is delivered to the mail kiosk next to the clubhouse.  There are large boxes available for the post office to utilize for larger packages.  There will be a key in your regular mailbox to open the larger mailbox if it was used.  Retrieve your large package and leave the key in the key slot in the larger box.

Communications / suggestions / concerns that you have for the Board of Directors can be placed in a well-marked container at the mail kiosk or emailed to the HOA President using the form under the “Residents” tab in this website.

The speed limit within the community is 14 MPH.  Please remind your guests.