Custom Disposal has set standards for yard debris to make their operation run smoothly and within the standards of the state of Georgia and the disposal facilities that they use.  In addition, they have limits on what they can take to be within the budget of Stonebrooke’s rate of service.

It is a Georgia state law that any yard debris must be in biodegradable paper lawn bags (not plastic) so it will decompose and compost quickly in landfills.  Paper lawn bags may be purchased at any home improvement store or most big-box retailers.

The Custom Disposal guidelines are as follows:

  • All bagged yard debris must be placed in the paper biodegradable bags and weigh less than 40 lbs.
  • Dirt, rocks, and concrete are not considered to be yard waste, and cannot be picked up.
  • Limbs, brush, and shrub trimmings that are not bagged must be bundled and tied. The bundles must be no longer than 3-4 feet in length, and weigh less 40 lbs.  Limbs within the bundles must be under 4 inches in diameter.
  • There is a limit of 5 bags, 5 bundles, or a combination of 5 bags and bundles per week that will be picked up at no additional charge.
  • Any bags / bundles over the limit can be picked up for an additional $1.25 per bag / bundle. If paying at the time of pickup, attach your form of payment in a clear sandwich bag to one of the yard debris bags in plain sight so it can be easily spotted.  To pay by credit card ahead of time, call 770-977-2788.  You can also hold extra items until the next week for a free 5 item pickup.