This coming few weeks is predicted to be abnormally cold.  Most days are expected to be in the teens overnight and several are expected to be below freezing for the entire day.   The board recommends that you take some steps to reduce or prevent the possibility of frozen water lines in your home.   This pertains to everyone but pay particular attention if you are planning to be away.

— Your main water shut off valve is next to your hot water heater.  It most likely has a tag on it stating that.  You can shut off your water by pulling it down.  Please turn off your water if you are going to be away.

— If you have your garden hose hooked up to the garage hose bib, please disconnect it and leave it disconnected during the remaining winter months.  The shut off for the garden hose bib is under the master bathroom sink closest to the walk-in closet.  The closed position is straight back toward the garage.

— Keep the cabinet doors by your kitchen and bathroom sinks open so that warm air can access the pipes in these areas.