Stonebrooke Village

Units for Sale

Currently, no residents in Stonebrooke Village have reported that their unit is for sale.  If any residents are planning to sell and would like their unit listed on this site free of charge, they should contact the webmaster,, with information to be used in the listing.

The gym in the clubhouse is available to all residents at no additional cost.  The library in the clubhouse contains books that may be borrowed at no cost and returned whenever the resident is finished reading them.  A monthly newsletter is published about the 27th of the preceding month and contains information on social events such as Coffee and Doughnuts (1st Saturday of the month), Ladies Luncheon (2nd Friday of the month), Happy Hour (3rd Thursday of the month), and Eating Out / In (4th Thursday of the month) as well as game times, a report of items discussed at Board meetings, and any upcoming village-wide maintenance that has been scheduled.

Patios are adjacent to the front door on some quad (Canterbury and Canterbury II) homes and to the back on duplex (Abby) homes.  These were optional at the time of construction and were an additional cost to the homeowners at that time.  If there is not one, a patio may be added to any unit as long as it follows the specifications for patios in the Village. Duplex (Abby) homes have the same floor plan as the Canterbury except the garage opens to the street instead of a side driveway and there is a permanent staircase at the back of the garage area leading to an upstairs room.  The duplex homes have a back patio next to the garage with a door that opens into the garage..

Stonebrooke Village duplex from street

Duplex from street

PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE STONEBROOKE BYLAWS AND THE STONEBROOKE RULES AND REGULATIONS DOCUMENTS LISTED ON THE DOCUMENTS TAB BEFORE BUYING A CONDO IN STONEBROOKE VILLAGE BECAUSE YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO FOLLOW THEM.  Printed copies of the documents may be obtained from a member of the Welcoming Committee (see Committee tab) after closing.  Clubhouse and pool codes are in the Residents Book that the welcoming committee member will give you.

To obtain a real estate closing letter or set up payment of monthly dues / assessments, contact: Greg McGregor, Carefree Properties LLC, 11660 Alpharetta Hwy., Roswell, GA 30076,, 678-297-0469 ext. 213.

There is a “Stonebrooke Homeowner Monthly Fee Direct Payments Form” on the Documents Tab under “Forms” that can be filled out and sent to Carefree to set up Direct Payment.